Will the New Senior Secondary Curriculum be faithfully implemented? Unfolding teachers' views on the NSSC

Bick Har LAM

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapters


The New Senior Secondary Education (NSSC) curriculum will launch in 2009 under the new 334 academic structure of secondary school education in Hong Kong. The NSSC is intended to eliminate the backwash effect of public examinations and for the re-planning of human capital for the future of Hong Kong (EDB, 2005a; SAR, 1997, 2000). On the other hand, education of Hong Kong has been criticized as elitist, and Hong Kong culture was described as “survival, affluence and deliverance” (Chan, 1993). Very often, a curriculum reform proposal may not be carried out as it is intended because of the predominant values of a society that resists the reform ideas. The NSSC policy portrays an interesting curriculum decision making process which allows school the flexibility in the subject selections and the allocation of study time on various study components in the curriculum framework. According to a recent report (EDB, 2005B), the visions and goals of the NSSC were well supported by different stakeholders; however, reservations were also expressed on the proposed details of implementation on many aspects. Taken this as an inquiry point, this study attempts to understand how teachers think about the NSSC, and to further explore the overriding values behind the views of teachers on the intended curriculum blueprint. Interview data of 14 senior school teachers were collected. The findings suggested that teachers’ receptiveness to NSS were driven by predominant values on achievement and success, elitist model of curriculum conceptions, concern of school prestige, and teachers’ self interest. An interesting them emerged from the ideas on education. When they were asked about questions on the implementation level, teachers tended to shift to a utilitarian perspective that deviates from their own mission but assimilates with the employers’ expectations and fulfills their self interest. Implications are drawn on the role of government on curriculum policy making and implementation to ensure a good reform proposal to be faithfully implemented. Copyright © 2008 香港中文大學教育學院.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publication《課程決定:第十屆兩岸三地課程理論研討會論文集》
Editors 朱嘉穎, 張善培, 賴靈恩, 馮潔皓
Place of Publication香港
Publication statusPublished - 2008


Lam, B. H. (2008):Will the New Senior Secondary Curriculum be faithfully implemented? Unfolding teachers' views on the NSSC,輯於朱嘉穎、張善培、賴靈恩和馮潔皓編《課程決定:第十屆兩岸三地課程理論研討會論文集》,(頁 563-579),香港,香港中文大學。


  • Curriculum policy and practice
  • Curriculum decision making
  • Curriculum conceptions
  • Curriculum reform


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