Video game diegesis and ethics of artificial intelligence in Nier: Automata


Research output: ThesisHonours Projects (HP)


Nier: Automata is unique piece of entertainment media that brings about a discussion for AI ethics. It makes use of narrative elements in its diegesis to outline issues of AI personhood and the ethical concerns that entail, and blends it with non-diegetic gameplay which dissociates the player from the player characters. This magnifies the player presence in the game to a diegetic level. With the player as part of the game’s diegesis, the game creates a procedural rhetoric which advocates that AI should be made accountable to humans to achieve equitable use of AI through its series of diegetic and non-diegetic game play.
Original languageEnglish
QualificationBachelor of Education (Honours)
  • CLAPP, Jeffrey Michael, Supervisor
Publication statusPublished - 2020


  • Honours Project (HP)
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) (English Language) (Five-year Full-time)
  • Programme code: A5B059
  • Course code: ENG4907


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