Untitled (Photography)

張麗霞, 林美儀, 羅麗珍, 袁美月, 黎福強, 盧詠言, 關淑英, 鍾瑞頤, 梁靜儀, 楊敏儀, 黃榮偉, 張嘉儀, 黃珮兒, 徐巧華

Research output: Other contributionCreative and Literary Works, Consulting Reports and Case Studies

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2016

Bibliographical note

張麗霞、林美儀、羅麗珍、袁美月、黎福強、盧詠言、關淑英、鍾瑞頤、梁靜儀、楊敏儀、黃榮偉、張嘉儀、黃珮兒和徐巧華 (2016). Untitled (Photography). The Exhibition "Art for Leisure" was held in the Artland Gallery. Wan Chai, Hong Kong.