University-school support programme: Enhancing the pedagogical practices in Hong Kong special schools

Kuen Fung SIN, Mei Lan AU, Fuk Chuen HO, Zi YAN, Hing Yee TAM, Ka Wai LEUNG

Research output: Other contribution


In line with the inclusive education development, the role of special school as the resource support becomes significant. Furthermore, the teacher competency in catering for diversity is highly expected. This seminar will illustrate the collaborative work of CSNSIE and EDB in enhancing the pedagogical practices in Hong Kong special schools, with the following objectives: 1. To apply modern education theories and assessing the applicability in special school settings 2. To develop pedagogical strategies and practices in a systematic approach to support the learning of students in special schools 3. To strengthen the collaboration between teachers and non-teaching professionals in special schools to enhance the effectiveness of teaching and learning The team will first elaborate the “Learning Circle”, that were the school try-outs on the topics of “cooperating learning” and “lesson studies”, with the attempts to enhance the professional growth of special education teachers by integrating the support from EDB, the knowledge transfer of mentors from CSNSIE and the reflective practices of the school teachers. The discussion further shed insights on the funded University-School Support Program in 2010-2012. The participating schools will take part in the Learning Circle and examine different areas of interests, e.g. pedagogy, curriculum, training, therapy or behavior management. With the support from the mentors, professionals and academics with strong background of special needs, the school staff will learn the theory and concepts, plan and make try-outs; and evaluate the effectiveness. As the outcomes of knowledge transfer, the teacher competence, classroom teaching skills, curriculum management and effectiveness of teaching and learning will be concluded. Copyright © 2010 The Hong Kong Institute of Education.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2011


Hong Kong
effectiveness of teaching
knowledge transfer
special education

Bibliographical note

Sin, K. F., Au, M. L., Ho, F. C., Yan, Z., Tam, H. Y., & Leung, K. W. (2011, January). University-school support programme: Enhancing the pedagogical practices in Hong Kong special schools. Sharing sessions conducted at the knowledge transfer (KT) sharing sessions, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, China.