The unconventional learning experience of students: Becoming a courier of marine stewardship

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This report is to document the experience in organizing a field-based unconventional education programme for the students of the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) to promote their change in knowledge, skill and attitude for marine conservation. A team of seven undergraduate students, which entitle Courier of Marine Stewardship at the HKIEd (Courier Ms IEd), are trained up with the knowledge about marine conservation and protection; and skill to conduct underwater ecological studies. Upon the completion of the training, the team, which consists of all certified SCUBA divers, assists in various activities for enhancing their field experience and community exposure. The activities include underwater research, littoral plastic debris survey, conducting laboratorial experiment on marine plastic, experience sharing in educational talk to secondary students and participation in community services. The expected outcome of this programme is to enhance the students’ acquisition of first-hand unconventional learning experience and their appreciation of the marine natural wonder, so as to strengthen their awareness on the need of conserving our marine ecosystem. The difficulties in organizing such unconventional programme will be discussed in the presentation as well.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2015


Hong Kong
community service


Cheang, C.-C., Chow, C.-F., & Fok, L. (2015, August). The unconventional learning experience of students: Becoming a courier of marine stewardship. Paper presented at The International Conference on Underwater Sciences, Technology and Education (ICUSTE) in Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong, China.