The ‘U-STEMist Scheme – A Joint University Teaching & Learning Project’

Yeung Chung LEE, Valerie YIP, Victor LAU, Eddie LAM, Bill YEUNG

Research output: Contribution to conferencePapers


The ‘U-STEMist Scheme – A Joint University Teaching & Learning Project’ is funded by the UGC Teaching & Learning Grant, and co-organised by the EdUHK, HKU, CUHK and PolyU. The aim of the project is two-folded - developing pre-service teachers’ competence in promoting school STEM education, and empowering STEM undergraduates to serve the community by putting theory into practice. As implied by its motto– To learn, to serve, and to thrive, the project engages the U-STEMists in serving the needy through learning and applying STEM knowledge and skills in designing and implementing group projects in collaboration with various community partners including NGOs, social service providers, schools and private enterprises. The project consists of two repeated rounds of activities, reaching about 240 pre-service teachers and STEM undergraduates of the four universities. Interim evaluation of the project shows that it has been successful in enhancing the U-STEMists’ understanding of STEM and STEM education, and how such understanding could be applied in school and community contexts. Through organising this Scheme, the Joint University Project Team has gained valuable experience in leveraging members’ expertise and experience in enhancing teaching and learning in the important areas of STEM and STEM education. Copyright © 2019 Learning and Teaching @EdUHK Festival.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - May 2019


Lee, Y. C., Yip, V., Lau, V., Lam, E., & Yeung, B. (2019, May). The ‘U-STEMist Scheme – A Joint University Teaching & Learning Project’. Paper presented at Learning and Teaching @EdUHK Festival 2019, Hong Kong, China.


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