The transformational leadership for school effectiveness and development in the new century

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This paper will present why and what transformational leadership is needed to pursue school effectiveness and development in the rapidly changing education environment and in the coming new century. First, the challenges to school leadership and the need for new leadership will be discussed in the light of the pursuit of multiple school effectiveness and the worldwide educational reform trends. Based on the recent research on principals' leadership in Hong Kong schools, some important insights will be drawn for leadership development and school development particularly in both local context and international contexts. Then the paper will illustrate the shifts of leadership concepts and explain why transformational leadership is do critical to meeting educational challenges in the changing environment. The conception of transformational leadership and its relationship to school-based management, strategic management, and school effectiveness will be illustrated and explained. Finally, a number of implications will be proposed for school principals to practice transformational leadership and achieve long-term and multiple school effectiveness. Establishing a principal centre for leadership learning and development will be a major direction.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 1997


school development
strategic management
educational reform
Hong Kong


Cheng, Y. C. (1997, January). The transformational leadership for school effectiveness and development in the new century. Paper presented at the International Symposium of Quality Training of Primary and Secondary Principals toward the 21st Century, Nanjing, China. (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED407727)


  • Administrator effectiveness
  • Educational environment
  • Educational planning
  • Foreign countries
  • Leadership training
  • Management development
  • Principals
  • Role of education
  • School effectiveness
  • Transformational leadership
  • Elementary education
  • Secondary education