The pronunciation of Hong Kong English

David DETERDING, Thomas Andrew KIRKPATRICK, Pui Man Jennie WONG

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This paper provides a detailed description of the pronunciation of English by fifteen fourth-year undergraduates at the Hong Kong Institute of Education. First, the occurrence of American features of pronunciation is considered. Then there is an analysis of the pronunciation of initial TH, initial and final consonant clusters, L-vocalisation, conflation between initial [n] and [l], monophthong vowels, the vowels in FACE and GOAT, vowel reduction, rhythm and sentence stress. Finally, the status of Hong Kong English is considered, particularly the extent of its continuing alignment with an exonormative standard. Copyright © 2008 John Benjamins Publishing Company.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)148-175
JournalEnglish World-Wide: A journal of varieties of English
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2008


Deterding, D., Kirkpatrick, A., & Wong, P. M. J. (2008). The pronunciation of Hong Kong English. English World-Wide: A journal of varieties of English, 29(2), 148-175.


  • Asean English
  • Consonant clusters
  • Hong Kong English
  • L-vocalisation
  • Rhythm
  • South-east Asian English
  • Th-fronting
  • Vowel quality
  • Vowel reduction


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