The potentials of reciprocal learning strategies in higher education: A case study

Chun Kwok LAU, Wai Ming YU

Research output: Contribution to conferencePapers


The General Education Consolidation Course (GECC) is a capstone course in the Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) which requires students approaching the end of their undergraduate studies both to reflect critically on their experience – within general education, in their disciplinary, professional and co-curricular studies, and in their lives beyond the classroom – and to develop an integrated view of how and where they position themselves in relation to their future goals, plans, and aspirations. The course is designed to help students to synthesize their learning experiences, by reflecting critically on the value and significance of what they have learned in their university years, making connections to their lives, and imagining their own futures. As a new course in its early stage of development, a high degree of flexibility and autonomy is allowed and indeed required of the GECC tutors to experiment with different learning and teaching strategies with the students to facilitate achievement of the course objectives. The structure of the GECC involves a number of experimental and innovative elements, including a strong student-centered orientation, guided group and independent learning, and the development of a comprehensive e-portfolio as the main assessment component. The authors of this paper have participated in the pilot run of this GECC in early 2015, before its full scale implementation in the fall of the same year. In this paper, we will reflect on our experiences in preparing and conducting the course, with particular focus on the uses of narrative learning and teaching strategies with the students. Our reflection and evaluation will be based on and substantiated by concrete examples of our students’ works and performance. We will also explore the potentials of adopting the reciprocal learning framework in the further development of this and other similar courses with strong student-centered orientation in higher education.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2016


Lau, C. K., & Yu, W. M. (2016, April). The potentials of reciprocal learning strategies in higher education: A case study. Paper presented at The 3rd Annual International Conference on East-West Reciprocal Learning in Education & Teacher Education Symposium: Research on reciprocal learning in teacher education and school education in a global view, Chongqing, China.


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