The operation model of small-scale organic farms and the feasibility of the new agricultural policy in Hong Kong


Research output: Other contribution


The research presents a study of special small-scale organic farming in high-developed Hong Kong. The research put emphasis on the spirit of organic farming and small-scale farming related sustainable agriculture. Three interviews are conducted with the operators of small-scale organic farm. The operation model was investigated using the Business Model Canvas (BMC), which provides the common features and difficulties on operation of small-scale organic farm in Hong Kong. The operation model enables the author to examine interrelated problems of agricultural development in Hong Kong: lack of training opportunities, lack of labor, non-agricultural use farmland, short lease team, limited-sized and segregation of farmland, lack of sales platform, weak competitiveness of local product. From the result of problems, the last part of this research discusses the feasibility of the New Agricultural Policy in addressing existing problems and eventually achieving sustainable development. The paper investigated each four specific purposed measures: establishment of an Agricultural Park, establishment of a Sustainable Agricultural Development Fund, strengthening support for farmers, and promotion of other auxiliary activities related to agriculture. The feasibility of the policy depends on the connection with the real context. To develop sustainable agriculture, the government policy should be based on the obvious target, clear direction, proper way and strong intensity. Copyright © 2017 WERA-HKERA.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2017



Cheng, H. Y., & Cheang, C. C. (2017, November). The operation model of small-scale organic farms and the feasibility of the new agricultural policy in Hong Kong. Poster presented at the WERA Focal Meeting & HKERA International Conference 2017 (WERA-HKERA 2017): Innovation, Reform and Education Change in a Contemporary World, The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China.