The Chinese version of the 8-item committed action questionnaire (ChCAQ-8): A preliminary analysis of the factorial and criterion validity

Wing Sze WONG, Lance M. MCCRACKEN, Steven WONG, Phoon Ping CHEN, Yu Fat CHOW, Richard FIELDING

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Committed action is a key component of the psychological flexibility model that recently has been applied in chronic pain settings. Developed within the Western context, the 8-item Committed Action Questionnaire (CAQ-8) demonstrated good psychometric properties. This study aimed to translate the original English version of the CAQ-8 into Chinese (ChCAQ-8) and to assess its reliability, factor structure and concurrent criterion validity. A total of 210 Chinese patients with chronic pain completed the ChCAQ-8, the Chronic Pain Grade, the Pain Catastrophizing Scale, and the depression subscale of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale. Results of confirmatory factor analysis showed both the 2-factor correlated (CFI = .99) and hierarchical (CFI = .98) models met the minimum acceptable fit criterion. The 2 subscales and the entire scale of ChCAQ-8 demonstrated good internal consistency (Cronbach's αs ranging .70-.86). The ChCAQ-8 negative subscale score was significantly correlated with pain intensity, disability, pain catastrophizing, and depression in the expected direction. The ChCAQ-8 positive subscale was significantly correlated with pain castastrophizing and depression. Results of multivariate regression modeling showed the ChCAQ-8 negative subscale predicted depression (std β = .19, p < .01) and disability (std β = .14, p < .05), after adjusting for pain intensity, pain duration and pain catastrophizing. Our findings offer preliminary data for the reliability, factorial and concurrent criterion validity of the ChCAQ-8 in the Chinese population. Copyright © 2015 APA.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)e111-e118
JournalPsychological Assessment
Issue number6
Early online dateJul 2015
Publication statusPublished - 2016


Chronic Pain
Psychological Models
Statistical Factor Analysis
Surveys and Questionnaires
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Wong, W. S., McCracken, L., Wong, S., Chen, P. P., Chow, Y. F., & Fielding, R. (2016). The Chinese version of the 8-item committed action questionnaire (ChCAQ-8): A preliminary analysis of the factorial and criterion validity. Psychological assessment, 28(6), e111-e118.


  • Chinese
  • Committed action
  • Psychological flexibility
  • Confirmatory factor analysis