The challenge of a new curriculum framework for a prospective primary school in Hong Kong

Ming Yan NGAN

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The paper argues the impact of hidden agenda of curriculum frameworks on a prospective primary school. To establish a new school with new ideas is not an easy task. Ideally, the school organizer, curriculum experts, principal, teachers, and any other parties concerned would form a planning committee. The committee would formulate a master plan that would meet the school organizer’s as well as the community’s expectations. They should work out the aims of the school and initiate policies for implementation. In turn, a curriculum framework would be created for the new prospective school. However, such a model of developing a primary school seldom exists in Hong Kong. The study indicates that the school principal, instead of working through a comprehensive committee, often master minded the whole panning process. The teachers, curriculum experts, and so on play a minimal role in formulating a curriculum framework for the new school in Hong Kong. The school organizer almost solely relies on the principal for designing and running of the new school. The author is a member in a new school planning team. This is a reflection paper of the author on his experience in framing the school curriculum. In running a new school, what are the intended aims formulated? What difficulties are encountered in creating the curriculum framework? This paper hope to shed light on the process of formulating intended curriculum for new school in Hong Kong. Copyright © 1999 Australian Curriculum Studies Association Inc.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe ACSA 1999 Collection: Conference papers: Framing the future
Editors Australian Curriculum Studies Association
Place of PublicationDeakin West, Australian Capital Territory
PublisherAustralian Curriculum Studies Association
Publication statusPublished - 1999


primary school
Hong Kong


Ngan, M. Y. (1999). The challenge of a new curriculum framework for a prospective primary school in Hong Kong. In Australian Curriculum Studies Association (Ed.), The ACSA 1999 Collection: Conference papers: Framing the future (Vol. 3, pp. 705-722). Deakin West, Australian Capital Territory: Australian Curriculum Studies Association.