The caring and inviting classroom

Yee Lai Elaine TUNG-CHEUNG

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Teachers, as front line workers in dealing with students' behavior, know their students and their classrooms better than anyone else does. They are the true professionals holding the real power to make decisions, taking charge of student learning as well as solving student disciplinary problems. A caring teacher and an inviting classroom facilitate productive environment and help children learn and grow. More importantly, it is through the caring classroom environment that children learn to care, love and respect themselves and others. To meet this end, professional teachers need to identify the current educational problems and discrepancies of matching school curriculum with the aims of education. It also demands that teachers have a thorough understanding of different psychological theories including theories of self. Their practice will result from a matching of a choice of theories to their own values and beliefs. Furthermore, their practice encompasses their understanding of children’s interests, concerns for love, fun, freedom, power and successful identity. Although teachers can set up classroom rules, arrange group activities, or draw work plans for students, teachers need to have an awareness of how children take up the responsibility to think, feel and behave according to reality principles rather than immediate needs, such as attention and power seeking, revenge and feeling helpless. Eventually, it is important to communicate with children effectively and empathetically. In the caring classroom, it is found with the need to help the low achievers in particular to establish a positive self-image so that they can explore the alternatives and regain energy to rebuild themselves. Generally, in responding to the aims of education in the twenty-first century for the holistic development of a child, professional teachers are facing the new roles and challenges. They impart not only cognitive knowledge, but also affective education to children so that they can understand more about their own feeling and total behavior. It is hope that they can eventually take charge of their own lives. Copyright © 2000 The Save the Children Fund (Hong Kong).
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2000


Tung, E. (2000). The caring and inviting classroom. The proceedings of Symposium on Children's Agenda for Hong Kong in the 21st Century [CD-ROM]. Hong Kong: The Save the Children Fund (Hong Kong).


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