Temporal coherent video decolorization using proximity optimization

Yizhang TAO, Yiyi SHEN, Bin SHENG, Ping LI, Enhua WU

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Video decolorization has wide application, such as in film industry. However, previous works on video decolorization focus on simply reusing the image decolorization method, which is time-consuming and may lose temporal coherence. This paper proposes a novel video decolorization method — defining decolorization proximity, regarded as a criterion to determine the specific method, to do the decolorization and further preserving temporal coherence well. Experimented with vast diverse color videos, the experiment result shows that our framework can provide high efficiency and effectively avoid visual flicker and incoherence.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2016


Tao, Y., Shen, Y., Sheng, B., Li, P., & Wu, E. (2016, July). Temporal coherent video decolorization using proximity optimization. Paper presented at The CGI’16: Computer Graphics International 2016, the 33rd annual conference, Aldemar Knossos Royal & Royal Mare Hotel, Heraklion, Greece.


  • Video decolorazition
  • Decolorization proximity
  • Temporal coherence


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