Teaching development grants progress report: Practicing blended learning on a collaborative platform – A pilot study in FEHD

Darren Anthony BRYANT, Theresa Patricia B ALVIAR

Research output: Other contributionTDG


This project aims to bring together colleagues of the FEHD to pilot blended learning (BL) as an innovation across the Institute. It introduces an inter-departmental platform coordinated by FEHD to support Faculty colleagues’ practice of BL. The project will consist of about 15 sub-projects or cases involving at least 600 students, where each case refers to a course of study taught by a project team member. Participating faculty (n=10) will utilize existing e-learning platforms and professional development events to plan ways in which to apply BL in their instruction. Throughout the study’s duration, the project’s leadership team will organize dissemination sessions to exchange lessons learned at the individual project level and an overall session to synthesize the outcomes at the meta-project level. Both qualitative and quantitative data will be collected and analyzed. Pre- and post-course surveys will determine students’ levels of enthusiasm about their experiences with BL; whereas, teachers will evaluate their BL trial lessons through guided reflection on key domains of planning and delivery. Exemplars of blended learning course materials, a blended learning pedagogy/strategy inventory, a blended learning interest group seminar series, a case album containing individual blended learning projects, a column in a learning and teaching website are expected as outputs to be widely disseminated. Participating faculty and teams will, in addition, publish academic journal papers in order to publicize individual project findings and the project’s overall results. The study may have great impact on student learning across programmes and disciplines in FEHD. The experience of promoting pedagogical innovation at the faculty level will be shared to make implication for institutional support to teachers at the time of change and reform of teaching in higher education.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2014



Bryant, D. A., & Alviar, T. P. B. (2014). Teaching development grants progress report: Practicing blended learning on a collaborative platform – A pilot study in FEHD. Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Institute of Education.


  • Teaching Development Grant (TDG) Report
  • TDG project code: T0132
  • Period: TDG 2013-2014
  • Teaching Development Grant (TDG)