Teaching development grants final and financial report: Engaging learners with flipped classroom

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Colleagues from different disciplines of two faculties will be involved in this project. The pedagogy employed is called “flipped classroom” which emphasizes on flipping the directed instructions to online lectures but having group activities in classes. This project is aligned with the Institute’s call for “one digital class for one course” and it also aims to foster learners’ generic skills such as information technology, self-management and self-study. During a directed study week, learners will learn from different online materials prepared by their educators according to their online pre-test results. The online lecture materials may consist of a wide variety of digital formats such as videos, animations and pictures. Learners would attempt an online post-test after learning at their own pace and time. Thus, both learners and educators would be informed of participants’ learning outcomes conveniently and quickly. To consolidate learners’ knowledge, they would also apply their recent acquired knowledge to solve authentic problems in groups when they meet in class where the educator could provide more support to those learners who did not do well in the post-test. The series of activities proposed not only help learners to become more engaged in the learning process but also the individual differences could be better taken care of.
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Publication statusPublished - 2017



Lai, Y. C. (2017). Teaching development grants final and financial report: Engaging learners with flipped classroom. Hong Kong: The Education University of Hong Kong.


  • Teaching Development Grant (TDG) Report
  • TDG project code: T0152
  • Period: TDG 2014-2015
  • Teaching Development Grant (TDG)