Teaching as a career: A perspective from Hong Kong senior secondary students

Kwok Chan LAI, Kwok Wai CHAN, Kwok Wai KO, Kwok Sang SO

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This study examined the views of teaching as a career choice held by Hong Kong students in their final year of upper secondary school (Secondary Seven). Significant differences were found between students' interest in teaching and demographic characteristics such as gender, religious beliefs, household income and parents' education levels, as well as their public examination scores and streams of study. Three attractive and three deterrent factors were identified among the reasons influencing students' choice of teaching as a career, respectively. Among 20 listed occupations, teaching was ranked relatively high by the students both as the occupation they 'most wanted' and 'most respected'. The paper discusses the implications of these findings and draws conclusions which may be helpful to teacher education providers and policy makers on measures to recruit prospective students to initial teacher education. Copyright © 2005 Taylor & Francis Group, an informa business.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)153-168
JournalJournal of Education for Teaching
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2005



Lai, K.-C., Chan, K.-W., Ko, K.-W., & So, K.-S. (2005). Teaching as a career: A perspective from Hong Kong senior secondary students. Journal of Education for Teaching, 31(3), 153-168.


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