Teacher professional development: International perspectives and approaches


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Nations around the world are currently embarked in deep reforms of their education systems. There is widespread agreement among policymakers, scholars, and educators that one of the keys for success during these reforms is promoting the professional development (PD) of in-service teachers. Every year, governments invest astronomical amounts of money on teacher continuous learning. However, the literature shows that much of the PD offered to teachers is inefficient, having small or no effect on teaching practices and/or student learning. This monograph describes the perspectives and approaches to teacher PD of five nations heavily committed to research and/or practice in this field. Understanding how PD is structured in these nations may guide others in designing more favorable learning opportunities for their teachers. The article from United States provides a general framework regarding the features of high-quality PD and offers examples of recent effective initiatives. The four following articles describe the PD models of Australia, Hong Kong, Finland, and Singapore, among the highest-achievers in education presently. Because teacher continuous learning is a high priority in these nations, strong infrastructures for high-quality PD have been built to meet teachers' needs and interests. The monograph closes with a contribution from Spain, the country where the journal Psychology, Society and Education is edited. The author discusses the five prior articles and reflects on how the ideas presented could improve the PD currently offered to teachers in other nations, particularly Spain. Copyright © 2015 Psychology, Society, & Education.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)240-251
JournalPsychology, Society, and Education
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2015


Bautista, A., & Ortega-Ruiz, R. (2015). Teacher professional development: International perspectives and approaches. Psychology, Society, and Education, 7(3), 240-251. doi: 10.25115/psye.v7i3.1020


  • Professional development
  • In-service teachers
  • Education change
  • Comparative education
  • Alt. title: Desarrollo profesional docente: Perspectivas y enfoques internacionales


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