Teacher curriculum stories: Voices, rapport and support

Tak Shing John LAM, Wai Shing LI

Research output: Contribution to conferencePapers


In recent curriculum reforms in many countries in the world, it has been argued that teachers should be encouraged to discover and create space for positioning themselves in the curriculum leadership process (Miller, 1990). Teacher educators are advised to imbue competence and confidence in teachers to assume their curriculum beliefs and experiences and narrate them in a kind of “stories” (Clandinin & Connelly, 1991). Our project aims at two objectives. One is to empower teachers to theorize their curriculum actions and reflections in the form of “teachers’ stories” by giving them a platform for their voices and at the same time giving them rapport and support in a kind of “learning community” context. The other is to experiment a web-based “learning community platform” for their curriculum stories and beliefs to examine the strengthens and limitations of this genre of professional development done through “computer-mediated communication” (CMC) or “e-community”.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2003


Lam, J. T. S., & Li, W. S. (2003, November). Teacher curriculum stories: Voices, rapport and support. Paper presented at The Conference on Reform and Initiatives in Teaching and Learning, University of Macau, Macau, China.


  • Teachers' knowledge
  • Teachers' personal theories
  • Teachers' narratives
  • Learning community
  • Computer-mediated communication
  • Web-based conferencing


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