Sustainable EFL blended education in Indonesia: Practical recommendations

Putri GAYATRI, Helena SIT, Shen CHEN, Hui LI

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The establishment of a sustainable world, ecology, and economy cannot be accomplished without the success of social relations among the world’s inhabitants. In the context of globalisation, which fosters the blending of various people’s characters and cultures, English as an international language plays a paramount role in sustaining human relations as a tool for negotiation; it functions as a signifier of social engagement for international collaboration. Therefore, Indonesian EFL teachers should incorporate sustainable education goals into their classes so students can actively produce and use the language for real-life problem solving. This paper aims to explore a conceptual study on sustainable development integration, utilising information and communications technology (ICT) for English language teaching and learning. Through library research, the notions of sustainability are investigated and the necessity of its integration into EFL instruction is explored. Furthermore, this study recommends ICT optimisation strategies that can be employed to promote sustainable development in Indonesian EFL classrooms. This study contributes to the theory by integrating a context-based and culturally appropriate blended framework towards sustainable EFL teaching and learning in Indonesia. The integrated framework and feasible recommendations should provide practical implications for the sustainability of blended language education practices in Indonesia and in countries/regions where there are contextual similarities. Copyright © 2023 by the authors.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2254
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2023


Gayatri, P., Sit, H., Chen, S., & Li, H. (2023). Sustainable EFL blended education in Indonesia: Practical recommendations. Sustainability, 15(3), Article 2254.


  • Digital literacy and sustainability
  • Sustainable education development
  • Sustainable development of EFL
  • ICT and EFL
  • Sustainability of blended language education


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