Student wellbeing and positive education using educational technology

Dave CHEUNG, Chun Yip Henry HO

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There has been little effort in developing life education programmes that focus on students’ character strengths and life skills, which can help them solve present and future life challenges. In this presentation, we propose a strength-based programme focusing on positive value and life education delivered using educational technology for primary, secondary, and university students in Hong Kong. This programme aims to cultivate students’ character strengths, foster their leadership and entrepreneurship, and optimize their human functioning. To introduce and cultivate positive life values, internet technology and mobile application are the most cost-effective approaches to address students’ needs for feasibility, practicality, and sustainability. The life education programme can consist of several modules for different learning objectives, tailored to a target population, with each module focusing on a specific theme consisting of hands-on experiential learning exercises. Gamification techniques to enhance the learning experience and promote engagement in the exercises will be discussed. Through rigorous scientific methods, the effectiveness of this programme for enhancing students’ character strengths, positive life values, leadership and entrepreneurship, and life functioning can be assessed. This presentation will provide valuable insight into the development of positive value and life education programmes using educational technology in Hong Kong and beyond.
關注學生性格優勢和生活技巧的生命教育課程有助於他們戰勝目前乃至未來生活中的挑戰。但在這些課程的開發方面,我們的努力還遠遠不夠。在本次簡報中,我們提出了一個「強項為本」項目。該項目致力於通過教育科技向本港大中小學生傳遞正向價值觀和推行生命教育,旨在發揮學生的性格優勢,培養領導能力和創業精神,並充分挖掘和激發他們的個人潛能。在引進和培養正向人生價值觀方面,網絡科技和手機程式因其靈活性、實用性和可持續性成為滿足學生所需最具成本效益的方法。生命教育課程由不同模塊組成,每一模塊均為特定目標群體度身打造,各有學習目標,並附設不同主題的實戰演練。此外,我們還將探討在課程中加入遊戲化技巧以加強學習體驗並提升實戰演練的參與程度。我們將採用嚴謹的科學方法對本項目在增強學生性格優勢、樹立正面人生價值觀、培養領導能力和創業能力及激發人生潛能方面的有效性進行評估。希望本次簡報能對本港乃至其他地區以教育科技推行正面價值觀和生命教育之項目有所啟發。 Copyright © 2019 Learning & Teaching Expo.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2019
EventLearning & Teaching Expo 2019 = 學與教博覽2019 - , Hong Kong
Duration: 11 Dec 201913 Dec 2019


ConferenceLearning & Teaching Expo 2019 = 學與教博覽2019
Country/TerritoryHong Kong
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Cheung, D., & Ho, H. C.-Y. (2019, December). Student wellbeing and positive education using educational technology. Paper presented at the Learning & Teaching Expo 2019, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong, China.


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