Strategies to develop communities of practice

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This presentation aims to explore strategies to develop communities of practice (CoP) to improve teaching in education context. The study of Griffith, Fuller and Northcraft (1998) on process and content facilitation strategies is adopted to predict the key elements of Wenger’s (2007) CoP theory, namely joint enterprise, mutual engagement and shared repertoire. A structural equation model is used to explore the predictive power of the strategies on all three of the CoP elements. Content strategy is confirmed as the predictor of all the CoP elements, while process strategy is a predictor only for joint enterprise and shared repertoire.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2015


Tsui, K. T., & Cheng, C. K. E. (2015, March). Strategies to develop communities of practice. Paper presented at the “Learning and Teaching @HKIEd Festival 2015” Conference, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, China.


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