Soviet international education and the spread of socialism: Ivanovo international boarding school

Zhuoxuan LI

Research output: ThesisResearch Papers


This article discusses how socialist education for international students was organized during the Soviet period. With the establishment of the Ivanovo International Boarding School in 1933, this unique community became a practice of socialist internationalisation. This paper discusses the uniqueness of this community in terms of educational groups, educational models and educational practices. The educational community is designed to distinguish the specificity of the school's student population, as well as the distinction between socialist internationalisation and internationalisation, and to assess the impact of this distinction on the nature of the school; the educational model includes information about the school's services and curriculum, and the study of students' memoirs to recreate a realistic socialist educational environment; educational practices will focus on the school's emphasis on promoting collectivist and patriotic ideologies in its students, and this will examine how the Soviet Union engaged in transnational cultural diplomacy with these international students through education, attempting to integrate their countries into a 'socialist world' through the power of humanitarian concern. This paper will look at how international boarding schools of this type in the Soviet Union evolved and developed through a global perspective in response to changes in historical periods and modernisation, and will explore the unique educational model of the schools and the experiences or lessons they offer for the study of promoting international educational cooperation. All right reserved.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2023


  • Master of Arts in Global Histories of Education (One-year Full-time)
  • Programme code: A1M106
  • Course code: HIS6062


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