Social capital in Hong Kong: Connectivities and social enterprise

Sik Hung NG, Yan Leung Stephen CHEUNG, Brahm PRAKASH

Research output: Book/ReportBooks


Given the rapid pace at which the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and other Asian economies are growing and the global volatility that these societies are experiencing, social capital and its diverse connectivities can furnish useful anchoring to communities, neighbourhoods, local governments and social protection networks.
This volume in twelve chapters provides a critical analysis of social capital, its indigenous evolution and spread in HKSAR. Some of the experiments and activities narrated in these chapters indicate the ingenious blending of the local ethos and culture with modern organisational forms and information networks.
Policy makers, development practitioners, researchers of civil society organisations and welfare agencies will find this book a helpful reference source. The book will also appeal as a text or supplementary reading in management, public administration, governance, and development economics courses dealing with social capital and social enterprise. Copyright © 2010 City University of Hong Kong. All Rights Reserved.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationHong Kong
PublisherCity University of Hong Kong Press
ISBN (Print)9789629371869
Publication statusPublished - 2010


Ng, S. H., Cheung, S. Y.-L., & Prakash, B. (2010). Social capital in Hong Kong: Connectivities and social enterprise. Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong Press.


  • Social capital (Sociology)
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Community development


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