Single microcrystals of organoplatinum(II) complexes with high charge-carrier mobility

Chi-Ming CHE, Cheuk Fai Stephen CHOW, Mai-Yan YUEN, V. A. L. ROY, Wei LU, Yong CHEN, Stephen Sin-Yin CHUI, Nianyong ZHU

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Hydrogen-bonding pyrazolyl and imidazolyl motifs are incorporated into organoplatinum(II) complexes and found to be harmonized with extended π-π and PtII⋯PtII interactions to align the planar cations into a quasi-1-D columnar structure or a quasi-2D framework. A field-effect electron mobility up to 20 cm2V−1s−1 has been recorded with a single-microcrystal transistor. In addition, crystalline samples of one of the organoplatinum(II) complexes show intriguing thermoluminescent and vapoluminescent properties. Copyright © 2011 The Royal Society of Chemistry.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)216-220
JournalChemical Science
Issue number2
Early online dateNov 2010
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2011


Che, C.-M., Chow, C.-F., Yuen, M.-Y., Roy, V. A. L., Lu, W., Chen, Y., . . . Zhu, N. (2011). Single microcrystals of organoplatinum (II) complexes with high charge-carrier mobility. Chemical Science, 2(2), 216-220. doi: 10.1039/C0SC00479K


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