School administration: 100 case records

P. SILVER (Editor), Allan David WALKER (Editor), C. WHITE (Editor), P. BARRY (Editor)

Research output: Book/ReportBooks


There is one crucial key to such an advance - Case Records. Unlike the case studies familiar to many administrators, each Case Record is written by a practicing principal while on the job; it is a crisp, concise account by the concerned professional detailing all the key elements of situations that arise and reporting what was done in the effort to resolve each problem.
The Case Records included in this book are the first 100 complete records written by principals who belong to the Centre for Advancing Prinicpalship Excellence, known to friends as the APEX Centre. These are forward-looking individuals who carved time out of their hectic procedures and took the risk of exposint their thoughts and practices to the scrutiny of others. These are people with a vision of what the future might be with a commitment to professional practices that surpasses the norm. These are people whose contribution to the advancement of knowledge about school administration merits the applause of the entire field,
The Case Records in this book are not perfect. They contain some flaws - weaknesses - some gaps in the information provided. Nevertheless, they are the first steps in the direction of a new kind of knowledge, and they reveal, sometimes by their limitations, what excellent Case Records might be. Moreover, they constitute an instructional tool unique to the field of school administration by offering intimate glimpse into the real-life world of the principal as seen by principals. Copyright © 1986 Centre for Advancing Principalship Excellence.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationUrbana
PublisherCentre for Advancing Principalship Excellence
Publication statusPublished - 1986


Silver, P., Walker, A., Whaite, C., & Barry, P. (Eds.). (1986). School administration: 100 case records. Urbana: Centre for Advancing Principalship Excellence.


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