Remapping the creativity of popular visual culture: A perspective on the Asian ethnic group

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Creativity has always been one of the most discussed topics in Western art education. Today, young people are surrounded by a wide variety of new technology and are familiar and comfortable with the use of this technology. They are able to use various types of visual media to demonstrate and express their creative ideas through popular cultural organizations such as cosplay and dōjinshi, and to share and communicate these ideas through global networking and a variety of media such as YouTube, Facebook and MSN. However, does this type of creativity precisely reflect the situation in the contemporary visual culture of Asian ethnic groups? Furthermore, can our existing theories of creativity explicate the cultural phenomena appearing in Asia today? In order to answer these questions, in this article I will discuss various theories and definitions of creativity and highlight some significant related issues. I will also present some of the findings from my recent study on Asian ethnic group creativity as examples of the creative phenomena currently appearing in the region. Copyright © 2012 NTAEC.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)36-56
JournalThe International Journal of Arts Education
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2012


ethnic group
art education
new technology


Lau, C. Y. (2012). Remapping the creativity of popular visual culture: A perspective on the Asian ethnic group. The International Journal of Arts Education, 10(1), 36-56.


  • Asian ethnic groups
  • Creativity
  • Macro and micro perspectives
  • Visual culture
  • 重繪流行視覺文化的創造力:對亞洲民族的觀點