Recalled parenting style and self-concept Chinese youths in Hong Kong

Kit Yi Angel WONG, Siu Mui CHAN

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This study examines the relationship between recalled parenting style and the self-concepts of young Chinese adults to fill a gap in this area of research in non- Western culture. In addition to Baumrind’s typology of parenting style—authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive—an additional parenting style guan (a mixture of authoritarian and authoritative style with emphasis on absolute parental control, self-discipline, and nurturance) that may capture a Chinese-specific pattern of parent-child interaction was included. To reveal the more differentiated association of parenting style and self-concept, several aspects of Marsh’s multidimensional self-concept were measured: general, relationship with opposite-sex and same-sex peers, relationship with parents, and emotional stability. About 200 young people completed a questionnaire on self-concept and recalled parenting styles of the parent (mother or father) who has been more influential in their development. Preliminary analysis indicated that guan and permissive parenting behaviors were the most prevailing. While control-oriented authoritarian parental behaviors were negatively related to participants’ parental self-concept, the opposite holds true in guan, that is, when harsh control was combined with autonomy- demand and nurturance in authoritative and permissive parenting style. The different meanings of control and their impact on self-concept across culture deserve more attention.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2004


Wong, A. K. Y., & Chan, S. M. (2004). Recalled parenting style and self-concept Chinese youths in Hong Kong. Paper presented at the 3rd International Biennial SELF Research Conference: Self-concept, Motivation and Identity: Where to from Here? Berlin, Germany.


  • Teacher Education
  • Development of Disciplinary Knowledge (e.g. Sociology, Psychology)


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