Real time eye detector with cascaded convolutional neural networks

Bin LI, Hong FU

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An accurate and efficient eye detector is essential for many computer vision applications. In this paper, we present an efficient method to evaluate the eye location from facial images. First, a group of candidate regions with regional extreme points is quickly proposed; then, a set of convolution neural networks (CNNs) is adopted to determine the most likely eye region and classify the region as left or right eye; finally, the center of the eye is located with other CNNs. In the experiments using GI4E, BioID, and our datasets, our method attained a detection accuracy which is comparable to existing state-of-the-art methods; meanwhile, our method was faster and adaptable to variations of the images, including external light changes, facial occlusion, and changes in image modality. Copyright © 2018 Bin Li and Hong Fu.
Original languageEnglish
Article number1439312
JournalApplied Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing
Early online date22 Apr 2018
Publication statusPublished - 2018


Li, B., & Fu, H. (2018). Real time eye detector with cascaded convolutional neural networks. Applied Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing, 2018. Retrieved from


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