Psychometric Validation of the health-related child body questionnaire (HRCBQ) to assess Chinese caregiver body perception

Mei Sheung Christine CHAN, Wen Chung WANG

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Aims: It is likely that caregivers tend to base their ideas on personal subjective experience, optimistic views and biased-cognition to the body questions raised. The HRCBQ was developed to assess caregiver’s perception of child body image. Methods: The HRCBQ consists of 17 health related child body questionnaire. Based on Stunkard et al. (1983)’s work, similar drawings for a child body figures, depicting a child aged 2-4 and a young adolescent aged 16-18 years old, ranging from very thin to very fat (1-9 scales). The psychometric performance of the HRCBQ was validated in several stages based on Rasch model, to identify items measuring biased-cognition, degree of items of biased-cognition, favorable biased-cognition items and demographics among caregivers. Results: 508 mothers and 1055 preschool teachers from 50 vary socio-economic background of kindergartens completed the HRCBQ. Eight out of 17 items had been identified as items of biased cognition; no misfit item was observed (critical range of 0.6 to 1.4). Among these 8 items, the easier bias item (item difficult= -1.52) and the most difficult bias tem (item difficult=-1.28) were also identified. Home-maker mothers, student-teachers and teachers from China had more bias than full time working mothers, practice-teachers and teachers from Hong Kong (p<0.001). Mothers with lesser education, poor incomes had more bias than the better groups (p<0.001). Conclusions: The results of psychometric analyses confirmed that the HRCBQ had consisted 8 items of biased cognition scientifically. More comprehensive items should be further developed to confirm the HRCBQ and its impact on socio-cultural responsive reliability.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2011


Body Image
Hong Kong
Surveys and Questionnaires
Child Health


Chan, C. M. S., & Wang, W. C. (2011, July). Psychometric Validation of the health-related child body questionnaire (HRCBQ) to assess Chinese caregiver body perception. Paper presented at the 76th Annual and the 17th International Meeting of the Psychometric Society, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, China.