Psychological Structuring of psychopathotogical patients and their psychotherapy


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This paper is concerned with a conceptual formulation that ventures to explain psychological mechanisms and structures underpinning psychopathologies. In a psychotherapeutic process, the symptoms of a mental disorder would gradually be revealed as to their connection to a pathological schema, which unconsciously delivers messages that constantly reinforce disorderly acting out. A clear understanding of the working of the psychological schema ensures a more reliable treatment plan. Two therapeutic procedures, subsequent to the understanding, arc considered to be in particular significant for the patient's recovery. Besides the treatment model, this paper also clarifies current conceptions in the psychotherapy with Chinese patients.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2000


Yeung, K. W. (2000, July). Psychological Structuring of psychopathotogical patients and their psychotherapy. In K. W. Yeung (Chair), Clinical practices and cultural considerations in psychopathological treatment. Symposium conducted at the 27th International Congress of Psychology, Stockholm, Sweden.


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