Professional learning experience of pre-service PE teachers during teaching practice

Chung LI

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This paper is concerned with a qualitative study of how 15 pre-service PE teachers, who are taking the two-year full-time teacher training course, develop professionally in their second field experience. With the interpretive research paradigm as conceptual framework, data were collected through interviewing and writing of reflective journals. Groups of pre-service PE teachers were found possessing different professional learning experiences concerning their conceptions and socializing strategies. Their professional conceptions included "educating pupils to learn", "seeing PE as catharsis, discipline and having fun". Their socializing strategies composed of finding means to improve teaching, and adopt social tactics for managing pupils and defensive attitude for handling crisis. The study provides an understanding of pre-service PE teachers in the Hong Kong Institute of Education and their learning-to-teach processes. The findings serve as the backdrop for recommending possible pedagogical changes for facilitating desirable professional development of pre-service PE teachers. Copyright © 2007 Department of Physical Education, Hong Kong Baptist University.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)10-19
JournalJournal of Physical Education & Recreation (Hong Kong)
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2007


Li, C. (2007). Professional learning experience of pre-service PE teachers during teaching practice. Journal of Physical Education & Recreation (Hong Kong), 13(1), 10-19.


  • Field experience
  • Physical education teacher education
  • Professional learning
  • 體育師訓生於學校實習的專業學習經歷


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