Professional development for sustaining a mobile learning-enabled curriculum

Chee Kit LOOI, Daner SUN, Longkai WU, Lung Hsiang WONG

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This chapter presents a model of Teacher Professional Development (TPD) in supporting the PD and teachers curriculum implementation. It reviews the literature about teacher changes and TPD, and the evidence-based developmental model for developing the theoretical framework for TPD. It then introduces the innovative curriculum, namely, Mobilized 5E-Science Curriculum (M5ESC). The chapter highlights the pedagogical principles and ways of integrating it into the standard science curriculum, by articulating the major features of the curriculum. This illuminates why a stage-by-stage and long-term TPD is necessary in the context of science learning. In M5ESC, researchers acted as the mediators among these participants in that they co-designed the lessons, observed the teaching practices, and proposed suggestions for teachers to improve their teaching in and out of TPD activities. The development of TPD is a long-standing category of activity and programs rooted in the school context and teachers needs with different stages depicts the development stages of TPD for M5ESC. Copyright © 2016 Wan Ng, Therese M. Cumming and the individual chapter authors for their contributions.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSustaining mobile learning: Theory, research and practice
EditorsWan NG, Therese M. CUMMING
Place of PublicationLondon
ISBN (Electronic)9781315766553, 9781317660798
ISBN (Print)9781138787384, 9780815357490
Publication statusPublished - 2016


Looi, C.-K., Sun, D., Wu, L., & Wong, L.-H. (2016). Professional development for sustaining a mobile learning-enabled curriculum. In W. Ng, & T. M. Cumming (Eds.), Sustaining mobile learning: Theory, research and practice (pp. 57-84). London: Routledge.


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