Preschool teachers’ beliefs of creative pedagogy: Important for fostering creativity

Hun Ping Rebecca CHEUNG, Chi Hung LEUNG

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This study aimed to develop and validate an instrument, the Early Childhood Creative Pedagogy Questionnaire (ECCPQ), which can be used to understand preschool teachers’ beliefs about creative pedagogy as a means of fostering creativity. Items were initially constructed from a review of the literature and interviews with 27 preschool teachers in Hong Kong regarding their beliefs about creative pedagogy. A sample of 564 Hong Kong preschool teachers completed the initial survey. Exploratory, followed by confirmatory, factor analysis resulted in a 22-item, 4-factor scale reflecting self-initiated pursuits, interpersonal exchanges, possibility thinking, and teacher-oriented pursuits. Although the first 3 domains align relatively well with the Western literature, the teacher-oriented pursuit factor seemed to be related to the Hong Kong educational context. These preliminary results suggest that the ECCPQ can be used for revealing Hong Kong preschool teachers’ beliefs about creative pedagogy, and they provide a general framework for further research on the important aspects of fostering creativity in preschool classrooms. The findings also have implications for early childhood teacher education programs and professional development in Hong Kong. Copyright © 2013 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)397-407
JournalCreativity Research Journal
Issue number4
Early online dateNov 2013
Publication statusPublished - 2013



Cheung, R. H. P., & Leung, C. H. (2013). Preschool teachers’ beliefs of creative pedagogy: Important for fostering creativity. Creativity Research Journal, 25(4), 397-407.