Phonological strategies in writing Chinese ideographs by L2 learners: A preliminary study

Yuan LIANG, Zhengliang SUN

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Chinese characters are traditionally regarded as ideographic, thus potential benefits underlying the phonological encoding of each character have been neglected. This paper attempts to examine what phonological behaviors second language learners of Chinese (CSL) consciously use when they face difficulties of writing Chinese ideographs (CW). Preliminary results of a questionnaire about learning strategies of CW indicate that: (i) CSL learners rely heavily on Hanyu Pinyin strategies throughout the whole learning progress of CW, and (ii) the homophony effect of Chinese characters has a less important role in CW but would become increasingly important as learners’ Chinese proficiency levels rise.
漢字在傳統上被認為是一種表意文字,因而,漢字語音構成對於漢字書寫的潛在作用受到忽視。本研究採用調查問卷的方法,探討漢語作為第二語言學習者在面對漢字書寫困難時有意識使用語音策略的情況。調查對象為 44 名某大學成人留學生,他們的漢語水平根據評定分為高、中、低三級。調查結果顯示:二語學習者在整個漢字學習過程中較為依賴漢語拼音策略;漢字同音效應對於二語學習者漢字書寫的作用不明顯,但其作用隨着學習者漢語水平的提高而增加。 Copyright © 2019 The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK).
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)29-43
JournalInternational Journal of Chinese Language Education
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2019


learning success
university education
learning strategy
Hong Kong


Liang, Y., & Sun, Z. (2019). Phonological strategies in writing Chinese ideographs by L2 learners: A preliminary study. International Journal of Chinese Language Education, 5, 29-43.


  • Phonological strategies
  • Writing Chinese ideographs
  • CSL learners
  • 語音策略
  • 漢字書寫
  • 漢語作為第二語言學習者
  • Alt. title: 漢語二語學習者漢字書寫語音策略初探
  • Student publication