Perception of parents on programming education in P-12 schools

Siu Cheung KONG, Robert Kwok-Yiu LI, Ron Chi-Wai KWOK

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingChapters


Programming education for young learners in P-12 schools is a global trend. However, there is little knowledge about parents' perception on programming education. This study aims at investigating how parents perceive this trend in terms of their understanding, support and expectation. Six hundred and twenty-two and six hundred and thirteen parents completed survey questionnaires before and after joining the seminars/workshops that aimed to enhance their understanding of programming education respectively. Results of the study indicated that parents after joining either the seminars or workshops had a more positive perception of programming education in all three aspects. The results showed that if parents understand more about programming education, they tend to have greater support and more expectation of their children from programming education. This study also revealed that parents believe that programming is more essential for boys to learn than girls. The major considerations of parents were children's interest of learning programming and the implementation of the curriculum. This study recommends schools to provide an interest driven curriculum for learners and organize seminars or workshops to enhance parents' understanding and support of programming education. Copyright © 2018 Global Chinese Society for Computers in Education. All rights reserved.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe 22nd Global Chinese conference on computers in education: Conference proceedings
EditorsMorris JONG, Ju Ling SHIH, Chee Kit LOOI, Muxiong HUANG, Xionghui CHEN, Youru XIE, Xuebo ZHANG, Haiyun LI, Yi ZHANG, Daner SUN, Rita KUO, Seng Chee TAN, Wilfred LAU, Haoran XIE, Bo JIANG, Maggie WANG, Shikui TU
Place of PublicationGuangzhou
PublisherSouth China Normal University
Publication statusPublished - 2018


Kong, S.-C., Li, R. K.-Y., & Kwok, R. C.-W. (2018). Perception of parents on programming education in P-12 schools. In M. Jong, J. L. Shih, C. K. Looi, M. Huang, X. Chen, Y. Xie, . . . S. Tu (Eds.), The 22nd Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education: Conference proceedings (pp. 1485-1493). Guangzhou: South China Normal University.


  • P-12 schools
  • Parents
  • Perception
  • Programming education
  • Survey study


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