Parents' roles in promoting reading in English at home in Hong Kong

Cheung Shing Sam LEUNG, Swee Eng Audrey LIM, Yuk Yuen LUI, Shuk Im CHAN

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This paper begins with an introduction on the language policy of late immersion in English within the education system of Hong Kong. A brief review of literature follows, in which book reading is defined as one of the viable alternatives to the more formal methods of drill and dictation in preschools. The review also covers research on the importance of book reading on children's later language and literacy competencies, aspects of reading or interaction around books that are beneficial to the development of children's early literacy skills, as well as practical suggestions for parent's in the reading process. This review is followed by a description of the strategies adopted in the project "Parents reading to children at home." The results of a survey of parents are presented and discussed. Implications are drawn from the study for parents in terms of suggestions parents can use to engage young children in book reading.
本文簡介英語浸沉強化教育在香港的實施情況,並探討有關學前兒童學習英語時閱讀圖書的學習成效尤勝正規默寫訓練的文獻。文章亦報告一項「推廣在家閱讀」計劃的研究結果,討論閱讀圖書對提高兒童後期語言和讀寫能力的重要性、閱讀圖書及進行有關的互動對兒童早期讀寫技巧的益處,以及為家長提供一些在家裏推廣英語閱讀的可行建議。此研究項目除提出「家長在家裏和兒童閱讀圖書」時可採用的策略外,還對家長進行了一項問卷調查,本文將就有關調查結果進行分析,並討論家長如何有效地在家裏推廣英語閱讀。 Copyright © 2004 The Hong Kong Institute of Education.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)14-24
JournalHong Kong Journal of Early Childhood
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - May 2004


Leung, C. S. S., Lim, S. E. A., Lui, Y. Y. E., & Chan, S. I. I. (2004). Parents' roles in promoting reading in English at home in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Journal of Early Childhood, 3(1), 14-24.


  • Alt. title: 家長在家裏推廣英語閱讀的角色


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