Organizational socialization: How did the beginning secondary school physical education teachers enter the workforce?

Alberto CRUZ, Chung LI, Wai Keung Kevin KAM

Research output: Contribution to conferencePaper


The purpose of the study was to investigate the characteristics of the organizational socialization of beginning secondary school physical education teachers. The factors that confronted the teachers in their first year of work and the influence of their teacher education on their perspectives and practices were examined. Thirteen physical education graduates of the Hong Kong Institute of Education in 2005 teaching in secondary schools were purposely invited to participate in the study. Qualitative data were collected by a combination of techniques: passive participant observation, formal and informal interviews, document analysis, and journal writing. Constant comparison and analytic induction were used to organize and categorize the data. Data generated helped to understand the confrontations faced, the influence of the workforce factors and the physical education teacher education programme on the perspectives and practices of beginning teachers. Although the beginning teachers were generally satisfied with their teacher training, results indicated that these teachers were facing different problems and difficulties within their school contextual conditions during their first year of teaching. This workforce impact was mainly from their school colleagues, students, administrators, work responsibilities and school culture. Three themes of survival strategies were employed: a) professional conception; b) compromised practice; and c) peer support. This information is valuable to physical education teacher educators as they have responsibilities in helping their students to make a successful transition into their workforce. Findings of the study hold implications for the preparation of physical education teachers with respect to the influence of organizational socialization.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2008


physical education
secondary school
survival strategy
school culture
document analysis
participant observation
teacher training
Hong Kong


Cruz, A., Li, C., & Kam, K. (2008, January). Organizational socialization: How did the beginning secondary school physical education teachers enter the workforce?. Paper presented at the Association Internationale des Ecoles Superieures d'Education Physique World Congress 2008 (AIESEP 2008): North meets south: East meets west, University of Tsukuba, Sapporo, Japan.