On politics in comparative and international higher education

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This paper draws attention to key conundrums facing researchers of comparative and international higher education in the age of post-truth and resurgent authoritarianism. The analysis focuses on three salient concerns: world class-universities and academic freedom; power brokerage in the internationalisation of higher education; and challenges of intellectual leadership and integrity, which increasingly challenge research agendas and professionals in the field. Situated at the crossroads of major arguments in the literature and observations derived from academic praxis in these three areas, this critique sets out to explain how politics have been gaining significance in the constructs of comparative and international higher education at a time when corporate elitism is on the rise and the freedoms of inquiry and communication are declining. The study warns about failures of integrity in this context, and manifests imperatives for safeguarding academic freedom and critical research in the field. Copyright © 2022 Univ Nacional de Educacion a Distancia (UNED). All Rights Reserved.

Original languageSpanish
Pages (from-to)50-68
JournalRevista Española de Educación Comparada
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2022


Oleksiyenko, A. (2022). On politics in comparative and international higher education. Revista Española de Educación Comparada, 40, 50-68. doi: 10.5944/reec.40.2022.31203


  • Higher education
  • Internationalization
  • Politics
  • Academic freedom
  • World-class universities
  • Intellectual leadership