On-line learning in field-based learning in higher education to enhance students’ self-motivation and self-reflection

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Learning effectiveness is very often affected by the conceptions of learners about the pedagogical innovations they are provided with. The present study is a pilot study which works with integrating on-line learning with field-based approach and examines if this has any impact on learning of students. When technology was first introduced in field-based learning, it mainly involved the use of computers to analyze field data. In face of contemporary pedagogical innovations, significant changes have occurred beyond this technical use, towards a blended learning approach in which field-taken observations and resources are uploaded on-site in the field for immediate and simultaneous interactions, views and resources shared and comments or feedbacks given or received. This study seeks to explore the impact of this pedagogical innovation on learning effectiveness of around 60 full-time students of a General Education course during their field-based learning experiences. Students are invited to complete a pre-study questionnaire survey before any introduction or learning experience of on-line learning in field-based learning is provided. A set of on-line learning materials, including on-line learning manual and the related learning tasks, is introduced to the students at critical points in time of course delivery. After field work and on-line sharing and analysis has been conducted, a post-project questionnaire survey is administered to identify if there is any enhancement in students’ elf-motivation and reflectivity. Post-questionnaire interviews serve to probe into the factors influencing the process of learning of students.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2015


Blended Learning
general education


Cheng, N. Y. I. (2015, March). On-line learning in field-based learning in higher education to enhance students’ self-motivation and self-reflection. Paper presented at the Departmental Forum on Learning and Teaching, The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong, China.


  • Teaching Development Grant (TDG)
  • TDG project code: T0141
  • Period: TDG 2013-2014
  • Teaching Development Grant (TDG) Output