Narrative inquiry as pedagogy in a blended learning environment

Yim Mei Esther CHAN, Sui Ngan Sharon NG

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This study examines how the use of narrative inquiry can serve as a pedagogical strategy in a blended learning environment, which gives insight into how teacher knowledge can be constructed. Blended learning is a potentially useful approach to promote collaborative and cooperative learning. It provides opportunities for students to exchange ideas and construct their own knowledge through asynchronous learning tasks. The challenge that tutors commonly encounter is how to motivate students to respond online and to be actively engaged in the learning tasks. In this article, we provide examples of learning activities and describe the critical role that students' narratives play in a blended learning environment. Through a qualitative analysis of the students' narratives of experiences, several themes are generated that inform us on the outcome of narrative inquiry in a blended learning environment. Copyright © 2012 Common Ground, Esther Yim-mei Chan, Sharon Sui-ngan Ng.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)145-153
JournalThe International Journal of Learning
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 2012


Chan, E. Y.-m., & Ng, S. S.-n. (2012). Narrative inquiry as pedagogy in a blended learning environment. The International Journal of Learning, 18(11), 145-153.


  • Knowledge construction
  • Narrative
  • Blended learning


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