Nanomaterials and biochar mediated remediation of emerging contaminants

Priyadarshani RAJPUT, Pradeep KUMAR, A. K. PRIYA, Smita KUMARI, Seyede Roghie Ghadirnezhad SHIADE, Vishnu D. RAJPUT, Amin FATHI, Arunava PRADHAN, Rubab SARFRAZ, Svetlana SUSHKOVA, Saglara MANDZHIEVA, Tatiana MINKINA, Alexander SOLDATOV, Ming Hung WONG, Christopher RENSING

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The unrestricted release of various toxic substances into the environment is a critical global issue, gaining increased attention in modern society. Many of these substances are pristine to various environmental compartments known as contaminants/emerging contaminants (ECs). Nanoparticles and emerging sorbents enhanced remediation is a compelling methodology exhibiting great potential in addressing EC-related issues and facilitating their elimination from the environment, particularly those compounds that demonstrate eco-toxicity and pose considerable challenges in terms of removal. It provides a novel technique enabling the secure and sustainable removal of various ECs, including persistent organic compounds, microplastics, phthalate, etc. This extensive review presents a critical perspective on the current advancements and potential outcomes of nano-enhanced remediation techniques such as photocatalysis, nano-sensing, nano-enhanced sorbents, bio/phyto-remediation, which are applied to clean-up the natural environment. In addition, when dealing with residual contaminants, special attention is paid to both health and environmental implications; therefore, an evaluation of the long-term sustainability of nano-enhanced remediation methods has been considered. The integrated mechanical approaches were thoroughly discussed and presented in graphical forms. Thus, the critical evaluation of the integrated use of most emerging remediation technologies will open a new dimension in environmental safety and clean-up program. Copyright © 2024 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Original languageEnglish
Article number170064
JournalScience of the Total Environment
Early online dateJan 2024
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2024


Rajput, P., Kumar, P., Priya, A. K., Kumari, S., Shiade, S. R. G., Rajput, V. D., Fathi, A., Pradhan, A., Sarfraz, R., Sushkova, S., Mandzhieva, S., Minkina, T., Soldatov, A., Wong, M. H., & Rensing, C. (2024). Nanomaterials and biochar mediated remediation of emerging contaminants. Science of the Total Environment, 916, Article 170064.


  • Biochar
  • Human health


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