Meeting teacher competence standards through a field experience outcome-based learning framework: From design to large-scale implementation

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Aim: To enable participants to understand the latest development of teacher education in Hong Kong, this paper aims to: (1) review the literature on the Hong Kong Teacher Competence Standards (TCSs) and the standards' implications on teacher education; (2) outline how the field experience (FE) learning framework with the application of electronic portfolio was developed to meet the TCSs; (3) report the pilot studies on the framework; (4) discuss how the framework enhance student teachers’ learning in FE; and (5) conclude and recommend the further development of the framework.
Content: To uphold a high standard of teacher education for the benefit of our society, the public is greatly concerned with whether or not teachers can meet Teacher Competence Standards (TCSs). Field Experience (FE) is a cornerstone of teacher education that interconnects with theory and practice to achieve the most effective learning outcomes and meet the TCSs. An outcome-based FE learning framework was developed with an emphasis on using an electronic portfolio (ePortfolio) as a lifelong professional development tool in the context of Hong Kong. This paper will outline the design rationale, development process and three-round pilot studies of the framework after reviewing the literature on TCSs and the standards’ implications for teacher education. The findings of the studies show that the framework facilitates the student teachers to demonstrate their achievements of a teacher's holistic work in school with the learning activities used in the ePortfolio, in turn, to meet the core domains of TCSs despite some of them found difficulties in understanding the school context and applying theories. How the framework enhances FE learning will be critically analysed from the TCSs and professional development perspectives, and followed by recommendations on future development of the framework for meeting the TCSs.
The Ambition of Teacher Education: This paper echoes the cutting edge and innovative practice in teacher education since that the field experience outcome-based learning framework provides opportunities for student teachers to demonstrate a wider scope of learning outcomes, and the use of ePortfolio also provides opportunities for them to develop and sustain their continuous professional development in a technological and evidence-based ways.
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Publication statusPublished - May 2018


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Yu, C. W. M. (2018, May). Meeting teacher competence standards through a field experience outcome-based learning framework: From design to large-scale implementation. Paper presented at the Teacher Education Advancement Network (TEAN) Conference, Conference Aston, Birmingham, UK.