Machine and cognitive intelligence for human health: Systematic review

Xieling CHEN, Kwok Shing CHENG, Fu Lee WANG, Xiaohui TAO, Haoran XIE, Lingling XU

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Brain informatics is a novel interdisciplinary area that focuses on scientifically studying the mechanisms of human brain information processing by integrating experimental cognitive neuroscience with advanced Web intelligence-centered information technologies. Web intelligence, which aims to understand the computational, cognitive, physical, and social foundations of the future Web, has attracted increasing attention to facilitate the study of brain informatics to promote human health. A large number of articles created in the recent few years are proof of the investment in Web intelligence-assisted human health. This study systematically reviews academic studies regarding article trends, top journals, subjects, countries/regions, and institutions, study design, artificial intelligence technologies, clinical tasks, and performance evaluation. Results indicate that literature is especially welcomed in subjects such as medical informatics and health care sciences and service. There are several promising topics, for example, random forests, support vector machines, and conventional neural networks for disease detection and diagnosis, semantic Web, ontology mining, and topic modeling for clinical or biomedical text mining, artificial neural networks and logistic regression for prediction, and convolutional neural networks and support vector machines for monitoring and classification. Additionally, future research should focus on algorithm innovations, additional information use, functionality improvement, model and system generalization, scalability, evaluation, and automation, data acquirement and quality improvement, and allowing interaction. The findings of this study help better understand what and how Web intelligence can be applied to promote healthcare procedures and clinical outcomes. This provides important insights into the effective use of Web intelligence to support informatics-enabled brain studies. Copyright © 2022 The Author(s).
Original languageEnglish
Article number5
JournalBrain Informatics
Early online date12 Feb 2022
Publication statusPublished - 2022


Chen, X., Cheng, G., Wang, F. L., Tao, X., Xie, H., & Xu, L. (2022). Machine and cognitive intelligence for human health: Systematic review. Brain Informatics, 9. Retrieved from


  • Machine intelligence
  • Cognitive intelligence
  • Human health
  • Artifcial intelligence
  • Systematic review
  • PG student publication


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