Life planning education and life education: Lifelong learning perspectives

Chi Kin John LEE, Hin Wah Chris CHEUNG, Yin Hung Michelle LI

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In the 2014 policy address, the Hong Kong SAR government decided to offer a grant for expanding the support of life planning education in secondary schools. It aimed to help students be better prepared for the transition from education to work. However, globalization and innovation of technology have increased future uncertainties. Students are suggested to have better preparation for different stages of life. Moreover, the expectations toward schools and education have changed. It is not limited to knowledge transfer but also whole-person development. Therefore, they were urged to provide life-based education to help students cope with various challenges in their life. This article discusses Life Planning Education promoted by the Education Bureau in terms of a Lifelong Learning perspective. It suggests expanding the current Life Planning Education to Life Education for covering all aspects of life and for achieving the goals of Lifelong Learning and whole-person development. It helps the student to be prepared for 21st century challenges.
自 2014 年起,特區政府透過增加對學校的撥款用於推廣生涯規劃,協助學生訂立目標和計劃,從而面對畢業後在工作上所帶來的挑戰。然而時代的轉變,社會對教育和學校的期望亦有所提升和不應止於傳授知識。本文以終身學習的角度去討論現行生涯規劃教育,並帶出教育應該以生命為本。作者建議在現行教育局所提倡的生涯規劃教育加入生命教育元素,這不單有助培育學生發展終身學習的態度,亦能協助他們達至全人發展去面對 21 世紀所帶來的挑戰。 Copyright © 2019 Hong Kong Teachers' Centre Journal.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)57-77
JournalHong Kong Teachers' Centre Journal
Publication statusPublished - 2019


Lee, J. C. K., Cheung, C. H. W., & Li, M. Y. H. (2019). Life planning education and life education: Lifelong learning perspectives. Hong Kong Teachers' Centre Journal, 18, 57-77.


  • Life planning education
  • Life education
  • Lifelong learning
  • Educational reform
  • 生命教育
  • 生涯規劃
  • 終身學習
  • 教育改革
  • Alt. title: 生涯規劃教育與生命教育:終身學習的觀點


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