孫艷娟, 肖香, 董帆, 何詠基, 吳忠標

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採用水熱法合成了一維La﹝OH﹞₃納米棒光催化劑,通過XRD,SEM,TEM,XPS,UV-vis DRS等對樣品進行結構表徵,並研究了其光催化凈化NO的性能。結果表明,La﹝OH﹞₃納米棒具有均勻的形貌結構,且對紫外光有較強吸收,水熱溫度對La﹝OH﹞₃納米棒微結構和光催化活性有較大影響。水熱溫度為180°C下樣品﹝La-180﹞光催化活性最佳且穩定性良好。ESR捕獲結果表明,La-180產生的?OH信號強於La-150和La-210,因而具備更優異的光催化活性。La-180產生更多?OH的原因是其UV光吸收增加;La-180納米棒形貌均一無團聚,增強了電荷分離效率;且La-180具有較大比表面積,增加了催化劑表面活性位點。

The one dimensional La(OH)₃ nanorods were synthesized by a hydrothermal method, and the microstructure of was characterized with XRD, SEM, TEM, XPS and UV-vis DRS. The as-prepared samples were applied in photocatalytic NO purification. The results indicated that the La(OH)₃ nanorods have uniform morphology and could absorb UV light. The hydrothermal temperature exerted a great influence on the microstructure and photocatalytic activity of La(OH)₃ nanorods. The highest photocatalytic performance and stability can be achieved when the temperature is controlled at 180℃ (La-180). The ESR trapping experiment showed that the signal of ⋅OH radicals produced by La-180 was stronger than that of La-150 and La-210, thus La-180 demonstrated highly enhanced photocatalytic activity. The enhanced generation of ⋅OH radicals by La-180 was associated with the enhanced UV-light absorption, uniform morphology of La-180 with enhanced charge separation efficiency and large specific surface areas providing more surface active sites. Copyright © 2017 Editorial Board of China Environmental Science. All right reserved.
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Publication statusPublished - Mar 2017




  • 水熱法
  • La﹝OH﹞₃
  • 納米棒
  • 光催化
  • NO去除
  • Hydrothermal method
  • Nanorods
  • Photocatalysis
  • NO removal
  • Alt. title: The investigation on the preparation, characterization and photocatalytic NO purification performance of La (OH)₃ nanorods