Key of curriculum leadership in reform: Building collaborative teams

Ping Kwan FOK

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Collaboration is not a new concept. However, it plays important role in documents for current curriculum reform of Hon Kong and in practical experience of curriculum leaders throughout the implementation processes. In this small scale research, the author found that building collaborative team is a key to solve problems faced by curriculum masters / mistress (CuM) in Hong Kong primary school. Through a simple open-end questionnaire that wa answered by 103 PSM(CD)s who participate in a training course in early 2004, the author focused in analyzing thQ difficulties PSM(CD) faced in schools. Four main findings are generated and discussed from the data. First, principe curriculum leaders and teachers in schools are struggling to initiate curriculum reforms in various aspects, like us information technology in instruction, moral and civic education, reading to learn, project learning. These are expecte coincide with the curriculum documents issued by the government. Second, support for the PSM(CD) mainly comes people in school, which include principal, panel heads, teachers, and curriculum committee. Third, similar to sources i support, difficulties mainly come from people in school as well. Fourth, most informants suggested that communication team effort and collaboration were the useful ways to solve problems or difficulties. These findings are compared with th characteristics of four leadership models (Quinn, 1988), and is concluded that human relations model explain th PSM(CD) phenomenon. The author concluded that building collaborative team is a key to success of curriculum reform i schools.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 2004


Fok, P. K. (2004, July). Key of curriculum leadership in reform: Building collaborative teams. Paper presented at the International Council on Education for Teaching (ICET) World Assembly 2004: Teachers as learners: Building communities for professional development, Hong Kong, China.


  • Primary Education
  • Teacher Education and Professional Development


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