Investing students’ learning behavior in Physical Education lesson during the period of COVID-19


Research output: ThesisHonours Projects (HP)


The cluster of viral pneumonia cases called COVID-19 occurring in all over the world. School adopt an online lesson included Zoom meeting, google meet or other victual platforms to support students' home learning. This purpose of the study is to investing students’ learning behavior in Physical Education lesson during the period of COVID-19. The study applied questionnaire-based. Responses from 204 students in questionnaire 1 and 144 students in questionnaire 2 from different secondary school through online survey. Five major findings were elicited in the study. First, most students reported that the use of digital video in physical education and online PE lessons were not effective to improve learning. The major reasons were “lack of motivation” and “lack of practical training”. Second, most students stated that the interaction of online PE lesson is not enough because of the theory session in the class. Third, the majority of students felt not exhausted in online PE lesson and the major reasons were “lack of practical time” and “lack of practical space”. Forth, the majority of students claims it is not difficult to participate in the online PE lesson in front of the devices because of students should follow teacher’s home activities. Fifth, most students think that online learning could increase self-learning behavior. The major reason is teacher encountered difficulties in observe student’s behavior and provide feedback. In summary, the effective of learning behavior about online PE teaching during Covid-19 was low and showed negative affection. School and teacher should improve the classroom interaction, increase teacher-to-student interaction and student -to- student interaction and develop creative and interactive online PE lessons which could encourage student to learn and increase their physical activity level.
Original languageEnglish
QualificationBachelor of Education (Honours)
  • TSE, Choi Yeung, Andy 謝采揚, Supervisor
Publication statusPublished - 2021


  • Covid-19
  • Physical education
  • Online teaching
  • Learning behavior
  • Honours Project (HP)
  • Bachelor of Education (Honours) (Physical Education) (Five-year Full-time)
  • Programme code: A5B062
  • Course code: PES4903


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