Intersections: A professional development project in multicultural and global education


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This publication presents a sampling of the writings of participants in the Intersections Project, a professional development program to bridge gap between multicultural and global education for urban schools that involved four participating entities, each with a local project that focused on Asia and Asian Americans. The project was specifically designed for urban educators. Each collaborating project developed a core group of teachers to focus on Asian and Asian American studies. The papers are: (1) "Characteristics of a Working Urban Collaborative" (Dennis Lubeck); (2) "Challenging School Practices through Professional Development in Multicultural and Global Education" (Linda Warner); (3) "Curricular Connections and Reflections for the Pacific Century: Asian and Asian American Studies" (Peter Nien-chu Kiang); (4) "Developing National Standards for Asian Studies: Issues for Reflection" (David L. Grossman); (5) "Introducing Global Education: A Tribute to Bob Freeman" (David L. Grossman); (6) "Global Education and Multicultural Education: Toward a 21st Century Intersection" (Carlos E. Cortes); (7) "A Case Study of Education Reform in International Education" (David L. Grossman); (8) "Introduction to World Cultures Theme Guide and World Cultures Model"; (9) "Summer Institute Goals and Objectives"; (10) "Teacher Interview: Kahealani Nae'ole-Wong"; (11) "Teacher Reflection: Siri Anderson"; (12) "Education Programs" (Leslie Swartz); (13) "Teacher Interview: Ceil Fernandez"; (14) "Teacher Reflections: Maria D'Itria and Patricia Carrington"; (15) "Humanities in International Education" (Dennis Lubeck); (16) "Teacher Reflections: Ellen McCaffrey and Judy Cobillas); (17) "A Tribute to Jan Tucker" (Toni Fuss Kirkwood-Tucker); (18) "Teacher Reflections: Robert Rosello and Guichun Zong"; (19) "Teacher Interview: Mamo Powers"; (20) "Group Dynamics Exercise"; (21) "Effective School Change Exercise"; (22) "Mental Maps of the Pacific"; (23) "Asia Pacific American Demographics Quiz"; (24) "Liliuokalani, the Hawaiians' Last Hope" (Mamo Powers); (25) "The Quilt Projects: A Teacher and Her Methods" (Maria D'Itria); (26) "Teams Expedition: Discover Community"; (27) "Cultural Artifacts in the Classroom"; and (28) "A Guide to Neighborhood Explorations." Each paper contains references. (SLD) Copyright © 1998 The Children's Museum.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationBoston
PublisherThe Children's Museum
ISBN (Print)0940203006
Publication statusPublished - 1998


Swartz, L., Warner, L., & Grossman, D. (Eds.). (1998). Intersections: A professional development project in multicultural and global education, Asian and Asian American Studies. Boston: The Children's Museum. (ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED460999)


  • Asian Americans
  • Asian studies
  • Cultural awareness
  • Elementary secondary education
  • Faculty development
  • Foreign countries
  • Global education
  • Multicultural education
  • Teacher education
  • Urban schools


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