Interactive technology application program of experience learning for children with developmental disabilities

Chien-Yu LIN, Ho-Hsiu LIN, Yen-Huai JEN, Li-Chih WANG, Ling-Wei CHANG

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This research focuses on designing low-cost aids in teaching materials, to help children with developmental disabilities. Using flash software and power point as interface design with the assistance of interactive device could also be developed teaching materials for children. When detected by a wii remote and infrared (IR emitter) device, corresponding information appears on a screen to increase the interaction of assistive technology aimed at children by adopting an enhanced learning process. There are two cases on this study, they are actually applied on children with developmental disabilities, and the overall equipment cost is approximately US$50. Case 1 is a child wearing hats with reflective stickers, a wii remote with an infrared emitter board in front. When we performed the initial probing of their interactive physical activity, the child was asked to wear hats with reflective stickers, while the teachers asked him to perform continual actions of standing and squatting. Sensors were set up next to the child so that when the child performed the movements, the movements would be sensed by the sensor. The signals were emitted to the computer, and then the corresponding synchronized screen would be displayed immediately. To put it simply, we used the cheap reflective stickers as a mouse, therefore we can design different teaching module courses. Case 2 is one kind of teaching materials for customer design, the participant is also a child with developmental disabilities. In this case, the research took the pictures of the subjects, then edited the images in flash through a mouse. The participating children wore the reflective stickers on their hands, when they moved their hands, their images on the screen would move accordingly as well. In this case, we dressed up the children differently, when the children saw that they were displayed on the screen, and the cursor movements were controlled by their limbs, they felt very happy. In this research, the devices relied upon user-center design, reducing the learning loading from their teaching materials and enhance their learning motivation and interest. Copyright © 2011 Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationManufacturing systems and industry applications
EditorsYanwen WU
Place of PublicationSwitzerland
PublisherTrans Tech Publications
ISBN (Print)9783037851517
Publication statusPublished - 2011


Lin, C.-Y., Lin, H.-H., Jen, Y.-H., Wang, L.-C., & Chang, L.-W. (2011). Interactive technology application program of experience learning for children with developmental disabilities. In Y. Wu (Ed.), Manufacturing systems and industry applications (pp. 259-264). Switzerland: Trans Tech Publications.


  • Assistive technology
  • Children
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Infrared
  • Interactive
  • Teaching materials


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